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Proposal by Hunter Page Planning to develop land East of Breach Avenue, Southbourne   I am enclosing a recent letter from Hunter Page Planning who act on behalf of Beachcroft Developments.   They propose to build 40 residential dwellings to the east of Breach Avenue.  They say the application will be lodged with you in July/August.  The Public Exhibition went ahead on Sunday.  I am enclosing a copy of my comments. Many neighbours were there.  There is strong opposition to this site.  It is of considerable ecological value.  (The site has been informally surveyed by Sarah Hughes, the Wildlife Officer and she has a list).  I understand that the site is also problematical as regards sewerage facility.  Most importantly this land is not on our Local Plan for Southbourne, a copy of which you have.  This land was not put forward as a possibility by locals who have considered the land available to us for building long and hard.  Focus groups with local knowledge have put many hours into formulating the Plan. I am very sorry indeed that people like Beachcroft Developments are not respecting due process and cutting in at this point in the hope that they will get in before the Local Plan has been agreed at referendum.  If they were to be granted permission, this would undermine the power of the Local Plan and all the tremendous work that has gone into it by so many people.   Beachcroft propose to access their proposed dwellings from Breach Avenue.  This would simply not be possible as the road is too narrow and already congested with parked cars.  I cycle up and down regularly and can see the problem clearly.  Of great importance is the fact that the Local Plan rightly targets South of the railway line for building.  The North is dreadfully congested. I witness this more than most as I am not a car driver and see the problem at close quarters.  The congestion tailing back along Stein Road (because of the railway line) can be very considerable indeed.    I am writing now before the application goes in as I am somewhat concerned that there is only 21 days when the application goes in to comment.  Sadly, this will be a holiday time and many local people could be away.  The application seems to have been timed when we are most vulnerable. I would be most grateful if you could note my comments as set out in this letter.


Regarding the proposal to build 40+ houses at the end of Breach Avenue, I put forward an important consideration: Breach Avenue is quite a narrow road and, even with the present number of residents using it, there have been occasions when, if needed, an emergency vehicle would have great difficulty getting through.

More houses and the possibility of 80+ more cars would certainly exacerbate this situation.

Safety should be a prime consideration.

As residents of Breach Avenue, we are concerned to learn that an application has been submitted to Chichester District Council for the construction of over 40 houses at the end of Breach Avenue as part of the neighbourhood plan.

Not only will the construction of such a site cause major disruption and inconvenience but, if developed, up to 80 more vehicles (plus service vehicles) will be using this cul-de-sac on a daily basis, there being only one access/egress. The effect would be roughly to double the number of dwellings in this hitherto quiet close and the number of road users. As such, the proposed development is entirely out of keeping with the area.
Additionally, we would anticipate a significant diminution in the value of existing properties.
All in all, such outcomes would represent an entirely disproportionate burden on the existing residents of Breach Avenue



Reference: Proposed development at the Eastern end of Breach Avenue Southbourne.

Dear Sir or Madam.


I wish to register my formal objection to the proposed development at the end of Breach Avenue Southbourne.


I selected my present property within Breach avenue, due to it's quite and rural location, and on the understanding that no future development would be possible, as it was a road with single access, and would remain that way.


The road originally being constructed in an era when traffic and family life in general was completely different.


The road layout and road width in particular struggles to support the existing traffic flow and infrastructure, and as many of the properties have on plot parking restrictions, this inevitably means many vehicles are parked on the street.


The existing Avenue is on many occasions full, and adding any further traffic to this will be completely unacceptable, and in my opinion become a safety issue, with access for emergency vehicles potentially becoming a real issue.


I also believe the present quality of life for the existing residents, and in particular the elderly and very young will be seriously compromised.


Essentially Breach Avenue has become a single track road, due to it's existing width, traffic congestion is a daily occurrence, Delivery vehicles, The Three refuge collection services and on occasions emergency vehicles all struggle to access Breach avenue safely.


Please do not add to this poor and un safe road, by making the whole situation potentially untenable, by adding any further traffic, to this already over burdened road.

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Feedback re. Thorney Road Feedback re. SB01201 West of Stein Road and SB08329 North of South Lane
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