Neighbourhood Plan Drainage Focus Group


To include specific issues such as risk from coastal change, flood risk, sewerage capacity.



Terry Grant, Roy Seabrook.

In October I emailed several authorities with various photographs of flooding in the Parish.  Eventually we made contact with Seb Willemsen.
On the 13 November 2013 Terry Grant and myself met with Seb Willemsen of the West Sussex Highways department to discuss the flooding problems in the Parish.  We visited outside St Johns, outside Chichester Caravans, Farm and School Lane and the Esso garage at Nutbourne.  Seb said that he would be arranging CCTV survey of the drainage around St Johns and the Esso Garage.  A new soak away had been installed outside Chichester Caravans and he hoped that this would provide a significant improvement.  When the pumping lorry and CCTV  arrived the following week they were unable to clear the sump at the north end of the footpath and so were unable to survey the drain.  They said that the ditch to the south of the footpath would have to be cleared first.  They would not be able to survey the Esso garage at that time.
In January they employed Landbuild to clear the ditch, and at the end of the month they surveyed the drains in the area and cleared some blockages.  There was also a manhole cover and collapsed drain which had been covered over with tarmac on the northern pavement outside Boots.  This was repaired.  Subsequent heavy rain showed a very marked improvement in the flooding in this area.
On 30th January we had another walk around the Parish with Seb.  We visited the vicinity west of Aubrey close which flooded badly on both sides of the road over the holiday. Seb said that there was an on going investigation at Penny Lane and when that was complete he would get a CCTV survey of the road drains to determine how the water should exit to the north.  There did not seems to be the appropriate manhole covers that he would have expected.
We visited 74 Stain road where there was also flooding over the holiday.  Seb said that he would also get a CCTV survey done here to check the soak away arrangements.
Next we visited Farm Lane and School Lane to examine where the Ham Brook had overflowed its banks on several occasions causing significant flooding of the Lane and of local houses.  Seb observed that the tortuous bends and the constricting bridges over the road and footpath all contributed to limiting the flow in the brook.  The possibility of running a parallel over-flow drain down Farm lane to the marsh to alleviate flow in the brook in periods of heavy flow was discussed.
We then visited the Esso garage Nutbourne.  Flooding at this site had been the subject of correspondence for some 20 years, and had flooded several times recently.  Flooding here is caused by run off from the area east of Nutbourne Park.  Constrictions in the pipework under the forecourt leads to back up and regular flooding of adjacent properties and of the adjacent A259.  It will be exacerbated by imminent development in the fields east of Nutbourne Park.  Seb would arrange CCTV survey of the fore court pipe to identify any problems.
A CCTV survey of Inlands Road just north of the level crossing would be taking place in the next few days to establish the proper drainage paths that the water in this area should be taking.

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