Register of Interests of Neighbourhood Planning Team Members


Name Focus Groups Plot number Address of land Details of interests
Alice Smith Steering Secretary, Community - - Spouse in Armed Forces, member of S'bourne Primary Schools' PTA, volunteer at Age Concern
Alyson Russell Steering     Parish Council
Bill Ferguson Steering, Environment, Business, Communication - - None
Bruce Finch Steering, Housing - - District Councillor, Parish Councillor
Bryce Withers Steering - - Parish Council
Chris Bulbeck Steering, Business, Heritage - Land around farm shop, Stein Road Parish Council Chair, Farm Shop
Geoff Talbot Steering, Transport, Business, Communication - - None
Graham Hicks Steering, Business - - District Councillor, Parish Councillor
Jack Moss Steering,  Transport, Communication - - None
Jim Jennings Steering, Housing, Environment - -  
Jonathan Brown Steering, Housing - - Parish Council
John Southgate Steering, Community - - Chairman Bourne Community Trust, Governor of Bourne College, Acting Chairman of Age Concern Southbourne.
Marjorie Bulbeck Steering, Community, Heritage - Land around farm shop, Stein Road Parish Council, Farm Shop
Mark Everson Steering, Environment - - Parish Council
Mike Downer Steering, Heritage, Communication - - None
Morley Lane Steering     Parish Council
Oona Hickson Steering, Heritage, Housing - - Owns paddock within AONB, not viable for development.
Peter Hicks Steering, Communication - - Parish Council, South Panel Member, Resident Inspector & Scrutineer for Hyde Martlett,  Southampton Rotary Club, CarersUK Local Ambassador Hampshire and
Adviceline Volunteer.
Robert Hayes Steering Chair, Community, Transport, Communication - - Parish Council, District Councillor, Governor of Southbourn Junior School, Trustee of Foresight (charity), Designated Member for Shadow Governor of NHS Trust.
Roy Seabrook Steering, Housing, Drainage, Communication - - None
Ruth Heelan Steering, Community, Communication - - Committee Member of Southbourne Age Concern, Southbourne WI, Tuppeny Barn Supporter, Associate of Southbourne Scouts. Owns and runs Southbourne Online website.
Sandra James Steering, Communication - - West Sussex County Councillor, Parish Councillor for Chidham & Hambrook, Neighbourhood Watch Chichester Branch, member of Chidham & Hambrook Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Sarah Richardson Steering, Environment, Communication - - None
Sue Talbot Steering, Housing, Communication - - Previously employee of West Sussex & Chichester District Planning Depts.

This page updated on 03 November 2015

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