Neighbourhood Plan Process

A Neighbourhood Development Plan can set out a vision for an area together with planning policies  for the use and development of land.

It will form part of the statutory planning framework for the area, and the policies arid  proposals contained within it  will be used in  the determination of planning applications.

A Neighbourhood Development Plan has to support the strategic development needs of the wider area outlined in the local develop­ment plan. However it can shape and influence  where that development will go and what it will look like.


Who can prepare a Neighbourhood Plan?

Where they exist, a town or Parish Council is the only body that can
prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan in their area.

Stage 1: Defining the neighbourhood.

Southbourne Parish Council submits a neighbourhood area application to the local planning authority, including the proposed boundary of the neighbourhood area, The local authority publicises the application for 6 weeks arid invites comments The local authority has the power to amend the boundary of the proposed area if it is thought necessary.

Stage 2: Preparing the plan

If approved the Parish Council then starts preparing the plan. They must erg age the community notify statutory consultees and build an evidence base to justify the eventual policies and proposals. This stage must in­clude a six week consultation period to publicise the proposals and consider the responses.

Stage 3: Independent Check

The draft plan must then be submitted to the local planning authority, who will formally publicise the proposal for six weeks. An independent examiner will then be appointed to consider any representations and check it conforms to national and local policy. Changes may be recommended.

Stage 4: Community referendum

Once satisfied with. the plan the  council will organise a referendum. A majority of people voting must support the plan if it is to be adopted by the local planning authority.

Stage 5: Legal force

The local planning authority will then bring the plan into force and publi­cise its decision. The plan will then become part of the formal develop­rnent plan for the area.



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