Neighbourhood Plan Focus Groups

Southbourne Neighbourhood Planning Team are currently gathering data within the focus groups, to enable us to communicate with the residents of the parish, to understand the concerns and needs of the residents regarding housing, facilities, transport, employment and all other areas that can be encompassed within the Neighbourhood Plan  but it must comply with the general policies set out in the Chichester District Local Plan.  A newsletter containing information about the plan will be distributed to all residents shortly. The Southbourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan will be created based on both the feedback from residents and the Chichester Draft Plan.

The District Local Plan is currently in draft but is due to be adopted in October 2014.  This will replace the current Local Plan adopted in April 1999

Steering Group
This group  oversees and consolidates the work of the focus groups. Every focus group is represented on the Steering Group and every Steering Group member is on at least one focus group.

to include social, recreational, cultural facilities,  increased use of community buildings, and working together to promote a healthy and inclusive community. Also to consider impact on school places and educational choices for residents in the parish.

Drainage & Sewerage
to include specific issues such as risk from coastal change, flood risk, sewerage capacity.

to include land for business/employment and job prospects, issues employment prospects, issues, impacts, home working, retail and service needs for the parish

to include ensuring that the natural and local environment is enhanced, with minimum impact on biodiversity and pollution.  Also to consider issues specific to the area, e.g. energy efficiency, opportunity to incorporate renewable energy initiatives, improved biodiversity and the control/reduction of pollution etc.

to include securing the future of heritage assets, identifying where sustainable development could enhance redundant or disused buildings. Defining characteristics of the local area, connection between people and places.

to include assessment of local housing needs, the scale and mix of housing, and range of tenures needed to meet household and population projections, considerations of key location sites, optimise potential of sites to sustain an appropriate mix of uses. Design and quality of built environment.

Transport & Accessibility
to include road access, public transport, impact on parking, heavy vehicle movements. Also carbon reduction initiatives to lessen transport movements.promoting safe and pleasant footpaths, bridleways, cycle and  cycle pathways and walking. Accessibility for less able bodied or people with particular access needs.  Access to broadband and other communication facilities.

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