Chidham Boundary Change


Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council applied for a parish boundary change moving part of Nutbourne into the Parish of Chidham and Hambrook in 2012.  Of the 100 consultation documents sent out to Chidham residents, 1 returned No, 28 returned Yes, therefore the change was approved.
This has now been formally approved by the Boundary Review Commission and results in 229 Nutbourne households and several fields from Southbourne Parish transferring to Chidham and Hambrook Parish, leaving approx. 100 Nutbourne households in the Parish of Southbourne.
From a parish council perspective this is now recognised with Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council appointing one further Parish Councillor to serve on their parish council; however regarding elections for CDC the significance of the boundary change will only become effective from 2014 at the time these elections are called.
The CDC Local Plan was produced prior to this boundary change affecting Southbourne and Chidham and Hambrook parishes;  as such housing allocations based on SHLAA sites were formulated prior to this boundary change. The result of this is that the current planning processes for Southbourne parish includes the now transferred part of Nutbourne for Southbourne housing allocations through to 2029. Whilst this misnomer has been taken to CDC by representatives of the Southbourne Steering Group there are no plans by CDC to amend their Local Plan because of this boundary change and as such existing housing allocations per parish remain as stipulated in the CDC Local Plan.

Chidham Bounday change official notice

Chidham Bounday change timetable

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