Agendas of Southbourne Parish Council Meetings


Council Agenda 2017 Planning Agenda 2017
- -
- -
April 11th April 14th
March 14th March 14th
February 14th February 21st
January 10th Janary 31st


Council Agenda 2016 Planning Agenda 2016
December 13th December 13th
(Planning Applications December)
November 8th November 29th
November 15th
November 8th
October 11th -
September 13th -
July 12th -
1June 14th June 14th
May 31st
May 10th
 May 24th
 May 16th
April 12th April  26th
April  12th


If the Agenda for which you are looking are not available, please contact the Parish Clerk for a copy.

Southbourne Parish Council
The Village Hall, First Avenue, Southbourne, Emsworth, PO10 8HN
Tel: 01243 373667